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Solid-State LIGHTING

The Lighting Revolution

Solid-state lighting has the potential to reduce lighting energy use in the United States by one-fourth. With the promise of being more than ten times as efficient as incandescent lighting, light-emitting diodes (LED) will change the way we light our homes and businesses. Solid-state lighting (SSL) has the potential to revolutionize the lighting market through the introduction of high energy-efficient, longer-lasting, versatile light sources, including high-quality white light.

Previously relegated to colored-light applications such as traffic signals, electronic message centers and exit signs, SSL products are now successfully competing with conventional technologies including incandescent and florescent lamps in general illumination applications.

SSl technology continues to advance at a rapid rate pace, with improvements being achieved in efficacy, light quality, and operating life. In addition, manufacturing improvements and market competition are putting downward pressure on retail prices, benefiting consumers. As industry and government investment continues to improve performance and reduce the cost associated with this technology, SSL will become more competitive with conventional light sources and can be expected to capture increasing share of the general illumination market.

Business and Individuals Win

Consumers will benefit from unique attributes of LEDs, which may make them the right choice for most applications:

  • Energy Efficiency - lower power consumption
  • Ultra-long source life / longevity >50,000 Hours
  • Color Range
  • Size advantage - compact and low traffic profile
  • Very durable- high shock, vibration and breakage resistance
  • Cold temperature operation & Instant on - requires no "warm-up'
  • Silent operation - no flicker or buzzing sounds
  • Rapid cycling capability
  • Directional light emission
  • Digitally controllable
  • Environmentally Friendly - No mercury content, no UV or IR radiation.

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